Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 My husband and my daughter at the Seattle ZOO...lots of two by two's there!
 Sometimes we pull and tug but it takes two to pull and tug two by two!
 Gnomes live happily ever after two by two!
 The birds and the bee's and the flowers and the trees all know it...two by two is better than one.
 Friends remain friends for a life time because one thing they know for sure, two by two makes us shout yahoo!
 My daughter and daughter-in-law looking cute as ever, two is better than butter!
 Even way back when, two was a whole lot better than just one!
 Picture from my old blog NOWHERE than I co-wrote with friends, remember when?  This is Pippit the Living Doll and her friend Gretta from Gothere!  Long live the two!
 This we know for sure, a mom daughter team takes two and we are happy and we know it because we TWO are better than WE one!  Being silly, why?  Because it's fun times two!


  1. Gumby and Pokey! Boy did I love them and their adventures. You have great photos here. I am usually Two with one of our dogs keeping me company. Dogs are terrific at making one into two...husbands and daughters and sons as well! Happy Summer, Girl with a Curl.

  2. I sure needed this fun post glad to see you are not giving up the blogging thing :) Its just me and Jesus at my home tonight,but all is well,and Duke is reaping his rewards for being a good and faithful dog for so many years. Blessings dear ya


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