Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Friendship Follows You

 Hello out there in the big, big world!  I just wanted to pop in and say hi!  I have been enjoying my weekends and working hard on the weekdays like the rest of the world.  Picture above is me and my puppies Sadie Mae and that Famous Tazmo on a Saturday trip out finding all the garage sales...
 A little this and that art work that I created from clips here and there and a flower or two.  In my next life I will her, Jackie Jetson for sure!
 I've been sorting and sending things back to Goodwill...tee hee and keeping just what I want and nothing more and I've been scaling down my happy room because it was feeling more like chaos then happiness.  One can easily acquire too much for her own good!
 I have been peeking at Pinterest and thinking...could I possibly do this and that???   What FUN place!
Hope your summer is happy!  I'm as happy as can be and as free as a bird in July!


  1. It sounds like a happy July! Your sweet little dogs are so cute!! I want to buy a double decker dog stroller so I can walk with them.

    Your Happy Room looks to me like a very happy place. I wouldn't want to dust in there though. :o)

  2. AH!!! So you are FREE NOW!!! ENJOY!!! I love Sadie Mae in her stroller. I wish I could get our three dogs and join you- we could ALL take a Garage sale walk together- what FUN we would have! I can't believe it's already July..Summer is going so fast! I love Pinterest too. Soon it will be Fall, before we know it.


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