Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dreamers Sanctuary!

I am a dreamer!  Have you noticed?  I dream big!  I have a bucket list, it is bigger than you may think!  One of my dreams is to buy one more house!  I want to find a storybook house in my lifetime that I can live the storybook life I've always imagined.  I came from a storybook land, Once Upon a Fairyland and I'd like to end up there again!  Perhaps it will be like this!  Photo credit to my own personal dream book journal!
 This is the house I live in now...
 This is the little garden my husband made for me...the one I have now!
 This is my dream garden for my current back yard...
 This is a little cottage kitchen I once had...
 I live with a husband that dreams big like I do....we need room for toys!
 Perhaps my storybook home will be tucked away like this when I find it someday...
 My current home is called "REFLECTION" and my yard is called "GNOMELAND" perhaps my gnomes hold the clue...
 My inspiration comes from the yard at Bunnies by the Bay (photo I promised to you)
 My husband actually built me a little fence just like this at Once Upon a Fairyland!
 But for now, I dream big and there is one thing I know for next home will be called....
Sharing my big dreams with you!


  1. Dearest heart,

    I too dream big, but I think you already knew that. When I dreams come crashing down, we either have to get out of the way, run, or stand there and rebuild. I am in the rebuilding mode at the moment and I hope that at least one remnant of my dream is left. I am going to make sure of that!

    Happy day dear one. Anita

  2. Jacqueline, I am a dreamer too! I guess its because we are both CAPRICORNS!!
    I think it's so wonderful how you love your home and love to decorate it with lots of fairy's!! That is so beautiful to do what you love!!!
    Have a very Fairy week-end! XOXO Marissa

  3. I really dont have any desire to move into another house.. but I wish I had the money to do all the things I dream about to my little cottage house! but we do the best we can right Jackie?
    I want a big messy garden with a picket fence too!
    problem is, I really dont like to garden much! LOL!
    have a great weekend sweet dreamer girl!!

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  5. Since I know were not buying or even renting more homes,I just make My currant home My dream hobbit,shabby chic ;),English-French garden home.I can dream up anything and decorate any way I like(Sweet Paul just doesn't mind any more,never did.)You and your husband are still young,can't wait to see what you come up with next :)Please don't stop blogging so I can join in on all the fun.Drop By My post,I have a dream I know you will enjoy-Lets Go !

  6. When you send out your Gnomes to look for that Dream Home, tell them to find TWO because my Dream Home looks Exactly the same!!!
    Actually this home was going to be temporary, Before we found our Dream Home. But 34 years later, like Denise says, this home has become anything and everything I love. It may not be a thatched cottage on the outside, BUT INSIDE it's a wonderland!! But keep looking- your cottage my be waiting around the next enchanted corner...

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