Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My little crafty world...

Here I sit, just wanting to have fun my coloring book is almost done!  I have been working on a coloring book for years and years and it's just about ready!  One of the pages my dear Amanda-Bear.  She is named after one of my daughters childhood friends.
In my crafty little world, I'm not very serious.  I love color so I must have pretty pens and crayons.
I am getting ready for a craft show and I plan to sell my greeting cards, my color book, gift tags and bags and my matchboxes...
When I was little living at Once Upon a Fairyland my mom always called me her little Saucepot!  In memory of mom, here is a color page for you!
I am making a gnome matchboxes this year, all one of a kind.  I have made fairy ones too and of course pixie and elf ones too!
A greeting card that speaks to my heart...
A tag for that special present, cute as can be.
Where does my inspiration come from?  From my years at Once Upon a Fairyland.  A drawing from the imagination of my mom...passed on through the generations to me.


  1. Hi sweet sister...I too have been crafting,at my little kitchen table(making a happy mess). Our church bazaar is starting Thursday and I am hopping to it :) Got my old heater cranked up this morning....its cold in my neck of the woods. I love that sweet picture of your little man in his cute hat on your sidebar...ADORABLE!
    Have fun with your crafting....I know that is a big part of who you are...making cute,and you do ..do it so well :)
    Blessings....Love you.

  2. You have done a wonderful job on all your creations.I love all of them.Matchboxes are heavenly! Love Denise

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your crafty little planet and I love MINE. We are one and the same my friend, always thinking of the little girl inside us. BLESSINGS! Anita

  4. give you just one guess at my favorite! Where can we buy the greeting cards? Love all of your crafty creations Jackie, the matchboxes are so darling! The coloring book is a fabulous idea, and enables you to let your imagination run wild! XOXO Christel

  5. Oh Jackie! You have made some wonderful pieces here... I just love the color book, what a great idea. Love all of them dear friend, and wish you the very best at the craft show..
    You have been blessed to have two parents with such imagination, talent and love for all things magical... You are your mothers daughter.
    Love and blessings,

  6. So many Treats!!! I LOVE the Gnome match boxes and the sweet home gift tag!!!! Wish I could come to your Craft Sale!


Happy am I...when you share your heart.