Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is the real ticket to success?

Reflecting this morning and walking through my home to find the coffee pot, I sit finally in my floral easy chair and ponder...what is the real ticket to success?
 Is it those vintage days of the past that now have become my PRESENT as I collect up 1960's juice glasses?  Orange juice taste good in them!  Is that success?
  Is it having cute clothes and dressing paper dolls?
 Is it all the wonderful homes we live in with gingerbread trim and lazy day porches?
 Is the sweet sound of success children snoring in comfy beds under time worn quilts to lay our weary heads?  That must be pure success!
 Perhaps it is all the ways we travel and roam as we travel far away from home?
 Is it the old days of play that we remember so well that gave success great meaning in being care free and idle.
 Is it laughter that rings out loud and true?
 It must be the friendships we hold dear that at times have been far yet few?
 Is it music to our ears or dance to our feet?
 Is it the way we talk and what we say that makes success be success in every corner of every day?
 Someone once said, a day or two ago that success is the matter of ones heart and all the above spell success but most important of all, is the matter of heart.  If it is happy, you are in the land of success.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


ONCE UPON A FAIRYLAND: Rabbits Work: When I was little and Saturday morning arrived my mom and I had rabbit chores to do!  Having a mother who believed in all fairyland tales ...

Rabbits Work

When I was little and Saturday morning arrived my mom and I had rabbit chores to do!  Having a mother who believed in all fairyland tales and nursery rhymes was normal to me.  Mom made Saturday chores as whimsical as can be.  We would start on each end of the house and we would play a rabbit game.  Mama rabbit and me and we would work hard dusting, vacuuming and cleaning so we could play!
 We had our aprons and Lemon Pledge and mom would start in her bedroom and I would start in mine.  We lived in a double-wide mobile home so we would start on each end and about two hours later we would end up in the middle for tea.
 I had dolls to dust and mom had gnomes...
 Then out to the Fairyland garden we would go to pick some carrots for tonights soup and an onion and potato or two...
 This is an actual photo of a rabbit sitting in a barrel from my childhood home, Once Upon a Fairyland.
 The Fairyland had quite a few wishing wells and one of my walking dolls (thank you Sears for making great toys circa 1960's) became the Fairy Princess.
 Rabbits were both imaginary and read in the Fairyland.  This is a pattern for a wooden jigsaw cutout that I still have today and intend to cutout one day!
 By about 10am our work was done and it was time for Saturday morning cartoons, lunch and then down the garden path and out to Once Upon A Fairyland to play!
Have a happy Saturday everyone and remember Rabbits Work is never done!

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Gnome Home is always a Gnome Home

One thing that I find simply charming is the fact that as I travel around blog land after being away for a year I find we are all blogging with your hearts on a platter.  We are sharing our style as we always have and it's nice to know, some things just don't change.  In my world my Gnome Home is still a Gnome Home.  
With spring arriving it is time for my gnomes to come out and play.

Either you love them or you don't. That's the fact.  They love you as a matter of fact!
My gnomes reside in my home and in my yard.  You can find them sitting and enjoying the moment or taking a snooze any moment in time. 

I have loved gnomes since I was a little girl.  Growing up in the Fairyland they were my friends way back when! 

Over the last year I've continued to nurture my front garden which is called Gnomeland and we are currently developing our back yard which is called Fairyland.  We are laying a patio in true Alice in Wonderland style.  I also built a fairy garden last spring and I'll be showing picture of that on blog days ahead.  Have a beautiful weekend, perhaps you will buy a gnome for your home?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Love Got to do with it?

It feels so good to be back blogging and hanging out with my blog pals.  This was an easy decision based on the true fact and some logic and a whole lot of common sense.   I simply cannot be as happy without my blog friends.  Period!
 My pal Rumpelstiltskin put it this way..."what were you thinking Jackie" didn't you ask yourself...What's love got to do with it" and realize you need love?
 He tossed my caution and computer issues to the wind and said...."get the heck out of your underground tour with your gnomes and live in the land of the living!"  Your blog pals will come back!
 My gnomes are still alive and kicking and having fun in Gnomeland.  They have missed you too!
 Pixieland has not been the same.  They love to have their picture taken!
 So from the days of old, when I was little and living at Once Upon a Fairyland I am here to stay!
 I grew up one day and smiled for the camera to let you know...I love you in every way!
 Us too!
Thank you for visiting!  I will be bringing you news on what I've been doing the past year and I'm coming over to visit your blogs too!

Monday, March 31, 2014

There is no place quite like Jackie's place!

It's such a dandy day!  I came home and my husband had my computer up and running and it's been such a long long time since I've blogged!  I hope you will come and follow me again and I welcome new followers.  Please pick and chair, take a seat and be my guest, be my guest....
 Let's find a little crooked house and take a rest.  I hope you stay awhile and ponder all the fun times ahead.  There really is no place quite like Jackie's place!
 Indeed I still love gnomes and pixies and storybook homes.  I am delighted when a pixie passes by or a fairy lands on my roof.  I still believe in elves and fairy-tales and Once Upon a Fairyland dreams.  Nothing has really changed, I'm still the same gal, the girl some of you know, with the curls...
I can hardly believe that Jack is back.

 This is me looking as surprised as you that I'm back blogging.  The only reason I quit is because the computer went haywire and it felt like a bad flat tire.  I still love dolls from my childhood which include Raggedy Ann and Andy and Liddle Kiddles and Dawn and Barbie and Holly Hobbie and Joan Walsh Anglund.  I'm quite stuck in my childhood and like it that way...Oh yes, and how could I forget to add Kewpie to the list?
 This Once Upon a Fairyland blog started a long while ago, years ago in the land of ....
 I'm still retro, I still love color, I still love dogs and I still love life.  Happy, happy happy.  If you feel like I'm too happy, you are right, it's the only way to fly.  Be a rainbow, be a Pollyanna, be a Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm, be who you are and live your life care free!
 It's time to blog again.  I hope you come back and tell your friends so we can do it all over again!
Next post soon as the clock strikes midnight!  Hugs and happiness, Jackie, the girl with the curl!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Walking 1000 Miles

 Summer has come and it has gone and now I must haul out my cute boots and walk right into the holiday season.  I have lost my address list so I'm finding it hard to remember blog address.  If you comment I can pick up your address again and come for a visit...I'm on my way, these boots are made for walking!

Maybe I can wear my Batman shoes and get there faster?
Know that you are loved and thought of and as soon as I can get going again I will, I miss you all!